Hello there,

 I'm Daniel Quinn the founder of Lakes Wild Lens. When I got my first digital camera back in 2009, this snowballed my interest for wildlife photography. I took photos of wildlife in my local area in Keswick, the Lake District. One of my A-level subjects was Environmental Studies at Keswick School and this first made me aware of current environmental threats regarding the world's wildlife. 


 I later decided to study my degree in Animal Conservation Science at the University of Cumbria. It was here that my knowledge of species and environmental issues increased. In spring 2014 my colleagues and I visited The Gambia in West Africa where I had field study opportunities as well as being able to photograph species such as green monkeys, hornbills and crocodiles. 


 After Graduating in July 2015, I received a new camera as a gift and it was then I thought about applying my study skills to Lake District wildlife photography. It was here that Lakes Wild Lens began.